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Learning Resources Center


As with any purchase, there are key factors to consider when purchasing ¬†Travertine and Marble Tiles or Pavers for your project. Here in our Learning Resources Center we offer some of these factors to consider when making your decision.In addition, at Travertine Warehouse we employ a highly trained and qualified staff of Natural Stone Specialists equipped to assist you throughout the decision making process. read more →

Purchasing Process


At Travertine Warehouse we sincerely appreciate the patronage of our valued customers. With This appreciation comes an inherent responsibility to make sure your transaction is seamless and most importantly secure. Travertine Warehouse payment security protocols surpass industry standards without compromise in order to ensure the security of your payment method and any personal information provided. read more →


Freight & Shipping Methods

Travertine Warehouse works with a network of vetted established major logistic companies, experts in shipping Natural Stone throughout the U.S. as well as multiple International Logistic leaders shipping our products throughout the world. There are numerous options relative to your order to accommodate your preferred shipping method. Some of the different shipping methods are outlined below.