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One of the goals of Travertine Warehouse is to make your online shopping as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. We realize that not everyone looking for travertine, marble and other natural stone products are contractors or may have experience with choosing the right products, so we have developed some categories to help you with your search.

Understanding the Categories

We have grouped our products together by their use, which is a great way to be able to look at all your options including travertine and marble. There are some basic terms to consider to help you to find the right category of natural stone or products.

  • Tiles – tiles are for indoor use, including for flooring, on walls, in bathrooms as well as other interior uses.
  • Pavers – pavers are thicker than tiles and are used for outdoor applications including pool decks, patios, driveways and outdoor walkways.
  • Pool coping – coping is the specialized, rounded, edging material, either marble or travertine, which is used to border the top of the pool and to separate the pool edge from the deck.
  • Mosaics – mosaics are smaller tiles preset on a 12X12 mesh for easy installation. They are often used on walls, backsplashes and shower or bath enclosures as well as interior floors.

We also provide sealers and accessories, giving you everything you need for travertine, marble and natural stone care all in one easy to use location.

For those who know just what they want, our search box is located on the top right-hand corner of the page. For help in ordering a sample, or to get more information on any of our products, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-852-6999.

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12×12 IVORY Travertine Tumbled REMODELING COPING


12x12x4 IVORY Premium-SELECT Tumbled Travertine REMODELING COPING

12×24 ARK IVORY Matte Porcelain TILE


SOLD AS/ RETURNED IN FULL BOX ONLY n n15.52 S/F PER Box n n931.20 S/F PER Crate

12×24 ASPENDOS IVORY ‘Vein’ Travertine TILE


12x24 ASPENDOS IVORY Premium-SELECT Vein-Cut Filled-POLISHED Travertine TILE

12×24 IVORY Travertine THICK COPING

12x24x2 IVORY Premium-SELECT Tumbled Travertine THICK COPING

12×24 IVORY Tumbled Travertine COPING

12x24x1-1/4 IVORY Premium-SELECT Tumbled Travertine COPING

12×24 IVORY Tumbled Travertine PAVER


12x24 IVORY Premium-ELECT Tumbled Travertine PAVER

12×24 KERALA GREIGE Glossy Porcelain TILE


12x24 KERALA GREIGE Glossy Porcelain TILE

12×24 MOOD IVORY Glossy Porcelain TILE


12x24 MOOD IVORY Glossy Porcelain TILE

16×16 IVORY Tumbled Travertine PAVER


16x16 IVORY Premium-SELECT Tumbled Travertine PAVER

16×24 IVORY Travertine THICK PAVER


16x24x2 IVORY Premium-SELECT Tumbled Travertine THICK PAVER

16×24 IVORY Tumbled Travertine PAVER


16x24 IVORY Premium-SELECT Tumbled Travertine PAVER

18×18 IVORY Tumbled Travertine TILE


18x18 IVORY Premium-SELECT Tumbled Travertine TILE