Freight Estimates

The pallet rates provided by Travertine Warehouse are based on origin and destination locations, volume, weight, season, and constantly fluctuating fuel costs and, therefore, are subject to change at any time. 

We highly recommend you confirm shipping estimates with your sales representative so they can find the most cost-effective shipping option for your order. 





Shipping Methods

LTL – stands for Less Than Truckload. Deliveries are curbside only, with offload assistance available via the lift gate.

Truckload –  for orders over 25,000 lbs. The receiver must have lift equipment, an operator, and a pallet jack to offload, and the delivery driver does not assist with offloading.

**All non-curbside deliveries shall be at the buyer’s sole risk. Travertine Warehouse Group and its carriers are not responsible for any damages off the main road during delivery. 


Travertine Warehouse provides tracking information for all LTL shipments within 24 hours of the order shipping. Contact the freight department for tracking assistance on high-volume truckload orders. 

Our Freight department can help you with any questions before or during transit. Don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative with additional shipping or tracking concerns.

Liftgate vs. Forklift

A forklift is required to unload the truck when a liftgate is unavailable.

Travertine Warehouse sales representatives always notify the customer when placing the order if a forklift will be required to unload at delivery.

Contact the Travertine Warehouse Freight Team

Questions about your order or delivery date?

CALL NOW to speak with a member of our Freight Team about your order.

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The customer is responsible for providing contact information that allows the carrier to contact you when the order ships.

Additional storage, shipping charges, and warehouse charges apply if the customer cannot be contacted, is unavailable, is not prepared to receive the product, or if the product is redirected upon the customer’s request.

Delivery times must be confirmed between the customer and the freight department. Please note: Travertine Warehouse is not liable for delivery time delays.

Customers reserve the right to coordinate their shipping carrier. Customers who secure their carrier must communicate this information with our freight team to confirm delivery.

Upon Arrival

Please inspect your delivery immediately upon arrival. During this inspection, missing or damaged items must be reported to your sales representative. Review the FAQs for more information on missing or damaged items.

Only sign off on your delivery or allow the driver to leave once you have completed a thorough inspection.

Failure to provide Travertine Warehouse with proper information to file your claim will result in the customer’s responsibility to file a claim directly with the carrier.

Return Shipments

Customers are responsible for all shipping and return charges. Returns must be pre-approved with supporting documentation and pictures provided.

Please refer to the Travertine Warehouse Return Policy for more information.

Special Order Items

Special order items usually arrive within 3-5 business days.

Factory-specified or FOB container orders generally take 10-12 weeks.

Please note: Back-order stock items can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.

Ask the Freight Team

CALL NOW to speak with a member of our Freight Team about your order.

For faster service, email or complete this form.


What if I need to change the shipping address on my order?

If your order is already placed, you need to contact your sales representative to change your shipping address.

Any change of address requires a signature on a revised sales order as confirmation of the final destination.

Changes to the shipping address after your order is shipped will result in the customer being financially responsible for all additional charges.

Travertine Warehouse is not accountable for additional shipping charges or delivery fees.

What is a split shipment?

A split shipment is any order with components delivered at different times.

Large orders may be shipped on multiple trucks, resulting in different delivery dates.

Smaller LTL orders may be split due to carrier capacity limitations.

You will be notified in the event your shipment is split. Travertine Warehouse will always strive to provide the most affordable and convenient option.

How can I track my order?

LTL (Less than Truckload) shipments can be tracked using the PRO number provided the day after your order is shipped.

You can either visit the carrier’s website or call the carrier’s customer service department with the PRO number to receive updates regarding your shipment.

Please note: tracking numbers are not provided with truckload or STM Direct shipments.

Additional information regarding the status of these shipments is coordinated between your Travertine Warehouse sales representative and the freight department.

What if I need to change my shipping date?

Travertine Warehouse does not guarantee delivery dates or times.

Your Travertine Warehouse sales representative or a member of our logistics department will follow up weekly with the status of your order.

Let your representative know your approximate time frame for delivery when placing your order.

Once your delivery is confirmed, it cannot be canceled within 24 hours of shipping. If your order is not confirmed, you forfeit delivery of your shipment.

Travertine Warehouse reserves the right to charge order freight costs for cancellations within 24 hours.

We accommodate shipping requests to the best of our ability, but we must choose a delivery date with a grace period of three business days.

What is curbside delivery?

Curbside deliveries are offloaded at the property’s edge or curbside.

Residential LTL deliveries require confirmation before delivery is attempted.

The carrier does not assist in moving the material from the curb to the job site.

What if my shipment arrives with broken or missing items?

Inspect your delivery thoroughly upon receipt and report any missing or damaged items.

In the event of damage, contact your sales representative immediately. Do not remove material from the crates until you are instructed to do so.

Please take pictures of any damaged material in its original packaging showing different angles of the crate.

Any concealed damage must be reported within 24 hours of delivery receipt.

Your sales representative will evaluate the damage and move forward with getting new replacement materials sent to you.

What if I can't be home for my delivery?

If you cannot receive your delivery, additional charges will apply to reschedule your delivery.

Travertine Warehouse recommends a backup plan for having an adult over 18 years of age receive your shipment if you cannot accept the delivery.