The Sunshine State is adorned with beautiful beaches and mesmerizing coastal cities. Miami Beach, Orlando, and Tampa are some of the most popular tourist and beach vacation destinations in the world. The enchanting and pristine white sand beaches of Florida are home to monumental buildings and stately houses that have a distinctive style of their own. The use of natural stones such as travertine and marble pavers has had a significant impact on the architecture in Florida. They are an ideal option for indoor use in floors as well as for outdoor use such as pool decks, marble patios and driveways. Travertine pavers make all the beach houses, villas, restaurants, pools and hotels all the more attractive.

A travertine or marble floor adds a classic and a timeless appeal to residence or commercial property. In Florida, travertine pavers and tiles are perfect for constructing or renovating outdoor spaces like pool decks as travertine is able to dissipate heat rather than absorbing it, making the surface just right for bare feet even on a warm summer day. Even during a typical Florida hurricane, matte finish tiles offer a safe pathway to walk on. Another advantage of using travertine in Florida is they make any house or a villa look grand and opulent. A travertine floor adds a dash of style, luxury and avant-garde design to the inside of any home, and is equally beautiful when used outdoors for pool decks and outdoor landscape features. They add class and grandeur without the feeling of pretentious brashness.

In Florida, you can choose any variety of travertine and marble tiles of any style and color at Travertine Warehouse. Our products pass through stringent tests for quality, and the stone is extremely durable and resistant to cracks or disfigurement due to extreme weather. The color of a travertine floor does not fade away and lasts for generations. Travertine is available in a wide variety of colors, styles and finishes at affordable prices. You have plenty of choice to pick stones that are brushed and chiseled, filled and honed, tumbled etc. We also provide you with additional travertine products such as pool copings.

Renovating pool decks with travertine natural is a practical and functional choice. It creates a sturdy and durable recreational space for family and friends. Travertine is a porous material but it is resistant to absorbing or conducting heat. In matte finish, it provides excellent grip even when wet – a safe option for pool sides, garden pathways, walkways, driveways and more. Travertine gives you the freedom to experiment with a range of colors and styles that help create a designed space that also looks incredible.