The state of Louisiana was under French imperial rule till the eighteenth century, before officially becoming a part of the United States early in the nineteenth century. The city of New Orleans is famous for its French cuisine and classic French architecture. Louisiana also shares its borders with Arkansas to the north and Mississippi to the east. This unique history and amalgamation of cultures has led to a very distinctive style of architecture in Louisiana. Travertine tiles and pavers are the popular natural stones used extensively in Louisiana. Travertine tiles and travertine pavers have been used for constructing buildings since the French colonization of Louisiana. Louisiana is also known for its mesmerizing French Creole architecture which is used in a variety of styles from plantation style mansions to small classy vintage homes. Louisiana sees the construction of both contemporary and classical buildings. Both use significant marble and travertine which are a nod to the French heritage of Louisiana.

Marble and Travertine are durable and long lasting besides looking opulent and grand. Travertine tiles and pavers are resistant to climate and are an environment-friendly building material. This makes them the ideal choice for architects and builders who use them extensively to design modern homes and commercial buildings. These travertine and marble stones effortlessly blend functionality with great aesthetic appeal.

A travertine floor is valued in French architecture as it lends a unique aura of grandeur and opulence. Interiors with a travertine floor give any living space a timeless, classic aura. There are many different varieties of assorted color variations which make a travertine floor look even more appealing and attractive. Travertine is also ideal for exterior applications such as a pool deck, patio, walkway or the driveway. Travertine is resistant to temperature variations and can tolerate a large amount of traffic. In matte finish, they offer excellent grip even when wet.

Travertine Warehouse sells all types and varieties of travertine at incredible prices. Travertine is a natural stone and is a terrestrial sedimentary rock which contains concentric patterns and is available in many different colors. The holes and pits in the stone create the appeal of travertine. Straight from our quarries to the warehouse, you can rest assured about the standard and quality of the travertine we provide.