The state of Texas, the Lone Star state had considerable Spanish influence in its past. The name Texas is derived from a Caddo Indian word which means allies or friends. This is reflected in its rich heritage and culture, a defining feature of Texas. The biggest cities in Texas – Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin have many architectural delights that give a unique sense of style to the architecture in the state.

Texas houses are known for their rustic, yet sleek designs with extensive use of travertine. There are many architects and construction experts who prefer using travertine for its various benefits. It blends well and enhances the beauty of the décor and style. Travertine is well suited for the climate in Texas. Natural stones like travertine and marble stay cool to touch even on hot summer days and do not crack easily as temperatures fall. These natural stone pavers are comfortable to walk on even in direct sunlight.

Houses and commercial buildings that use travertine floor tiles are a sight to behold. Travertine blends easily with other colors and décor themes and is easy to install. This makes travertine a favorite among designers and builders. Travertine can be used to renovate or decorate the floor and give definition to an indoor and outdoor space. Travertine is the ideal building material for a grand and a majestic makeover of a building, be it a residential or a commercial property. The beautiful features of travertine bring a sense of unique warmth to living spaces and can be frequently used in homes and office hallways. Travertine is a natural and robust building material that can easily handle high footfall, but is easy to maintain and clean.

Travertine is a natural stone, and each piece has distinct patterns. Travertine could be filled and honed, brushed, tumbled or simply polished. It is a versatile building material and is equally well suited for indoor use in a living room or bedroom as well as outdoor areas like pool decks and walkways.

Travertine Warehouse offers marble and travertine in different sizes and colors. We source our stone from our quarries. They undergo stringent quality checks to ensure the high standards we are known for. This also allows our travertine and marble floor tiles and marble pavers to have remarkably affordable prices giving true value for money for your investment. Aside from regular travertine tiles and travertine pavers, they are also available in French pattern sets.