Expert Tips for Effortless Installation of Premium Marble Pool Coping

For the do-it-yourselfers out there Travertine Warehouse offers a range of different types of marble pool coping to meet your needs. We have standard pool coping, which is used to create a lovely, soft and gentle rounded edge at any waterline. This includes a pool, hot tub, or even a backyard pond surrounded by a patio or deck area.

Our Coping Options

We also have thick pool coping, which has been developed for retrofit or renovation project. This is a special type of pool coping, measuring in at 2 inches, which we sell exclusively. It has been cut much thicker to accommodate and compensate for any lip damage at the waterline or edge of the pool. It can also be used to correct any existing deck undulation and will install flush with your new or current hard deck materials depending on the type of renovation you are doing.

Lastly, we offer remodeling coping that has a 4-inch turn over to simply be applied directly over your existing coping. This type of marble pool coping will cover any existing bullnose, giving a like-new look to your pool area without the need for pulling out the existing material.

Tips to Consider

We highly recommend working with a contractor to install your marble pool coping and pavers, especially if this is your first pool project. However, we have clients who have completed their pool on their own and have a beautiful final project; it is just a matter of the time and patience you have to do the job right.

Start by considering the pool shape and size and arrange your coping to form the shape of the pool edge. You will need to mark and cut the coping to form a continual edge around the pool, and this is where experience in creating the curving lines or the clean, crisp corners is really important.

Your contractor will always order a percentage of coping over the minimum requirement to allow for cutting and creating shapes for the pool. If you are doing this yourself, you should consider adding a higher percentage of additional coping material with your order to ensure you have sufficient.

At Travertine Warehouse, we are here to help you with your do-it-yourself or contracted pool construction or renovation project. Our friendly staff and stone experts can provide you with information and answers to your questions and make sure you have what you need to get your pool project completed.