Top Reasons Clients Buy Marble to Upgrade Luxury Pool Decks

One of the ways most people have been taught to make a decision is to make a list of pros and cons to any particular choice. At the Travertine Warehouse, we have completed this activity in trying to help our customers when they are considering a marble pool deck.

We were able to come up with many different reasons why a marble deck was a terrific option, and we think you will agree. However, despite our best efforts, we couldn’t think of anything we didn’t like.

Cool and Natural

If you have ever been on a pool deck in the heat of the day, you know that some materials, particularly man-made types of pavers and decking choices, can retain the heat. This makes it uncomfortable to be out and around the pool when the time is just right to relax or enjoy a cooling dip.

With a marble pool deck, this issue is eliminated. Marble, like travertine, will not absorb heat and will, in fact, stay cool to the touch. In addition, as a natural stone, it will give a cool and soft look to the pool deck, making it your own personal oasis.

Amazing Beauty

Typically a marble pool deck is constructed with tumbled pavers. The tumbled marble is soft and just slightly textured on the surface, not the polished and shiny marble often used in tiles in a home.

The beautiful variations in color in the marble are amazing. As the sun moves across the sky difference sill will be seen in the color, created by the various veins of different minerals picking up the light.

Highly Durable

Tumbled marble pavers are very durable and very resistant to the environment. This is a deck you will purchase and install once, and then have the ability to enjoy its classic style and design for the rest of your life.

Adds to the Value of Property

Having a pool on a residential property adds value, but having a timeless, classic and beautifully designed marble pool deck adds even more. Even if you never plan on selling the home, you have the peace of mind to know your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be able to enjoy the deck you built and it will still look as amazing as the day you had it installed.

If you want to talk to us about tumbled marble, send us an email or give us a call. We would also love to hear any other reasons you can think of to choose marble as your pool decking material, we are sure you have some great ideas to add.