Add Value and Beauty to Your Luxury Property with Premium Travertine Tiles

Any home improvement project that involves changing or upgrading the flooring should be able to add more value to your home. Travertine tiles are among the flooring options you should consider to achieve a plush look and enhanced property value. Premium grade travertine tiles come in different finishes and in many different colors, so you should be able to install the right flooring that can go well with the rest of your interiors and can make your home look more lavish and sophisticated.

Polished travertine tiles can provide a lavish and classic look to your property with their very smooth surface, which is buffed to a shiny gloss. This look can increase your home’s appeal and add a more sophisticated and lavish touch to it. The high gloss can make your property look and feel like a palace or a mega mansion. But if you prefer a more subdued elegant look, consider a honed and filled finish, which offers a smooth surface due to the slight indentations on the stone being filled. Honing makes the tile smooth and flat, but the process stops before completely polishing the stone. Both polished and honed travertine tiles are perfect for many different indoor applications, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

A brushed and chiseled finish on travertine tiles will provide a rustic and old world look, which will remind you of Renaissance castle courtyards. To make this tile, travertine is honed after fabrication, but the slight indentations are not filled. This way, the stone’s natural characteristics of the stone are preserved, while ensuring a uniform finish. The surface is mechanically brushed for a slight texture, making the tiles versatile for indoor and some outdoor applications. The chiseled edges offer a more dramatic and unique transition from one tile to another for a bolder look.