Increase the Value of Your Luxury Home and Upgrade to Premium Travertine Flooring

Most people in the United States will move every five years, which means that statistically a family will move at least five to six times, with some moving more and some moving less.

In this more mobile world, finding ways to increase the value of a home both for your aesthetic pleasure as well as for future resale is an important consideration for a home renovation. Making the most of our lower prices as we import both marble and travertine can help you to install top quality, low-cost travertine flooring that will boost the short and long term value of your home.

At Travertine Warehouse we important all our travertine and marble through our own company. This means we cut out the cost of the middleman, and instead we are able to pass on those cost savings directly to our customers. Many of our clients are surprised to find just how economical our flooring is when compared to other materials on the market that will last only a fraction of the lifetime of natural stone.

The Look

One of the most important things to consider with travertine flooring is that it adds a timeless and classic look to your floors. It will never look outdated or obsolete, rather it will continue to look new even after decades of use.

You will never notice fading within the tile, and you will never have to deal with color changes. As a natural stone, all travertine flooring is unique, giving your home that one of a kind look that is impossible to copy or create with man-made flooring options.

Durability and Strength

While travertine tiles are very strong and durable, they are also very easy to work with when compared to many of the man-made options, including ceramic tiles. While we work with a lot of contractors and flooring specialists, we also work with do-it-yourselfers who install beautiful travertine floors with just a bit of help and support from our customer service and sales professionals.

If you do need to move or choose to relocate, advertising a home for sale with travertine flooring is a big plus for many buyers. You will often see this flooring option prominently listed with Realtors, as it is a big selling factor. Travertine will attract people who understand not only quality but the durability and classic elegance this flooring offers.