Upgrade to Premium Travertine and Enhance Your Luxury Pool Deck

Travertine is a natural stone that has been in use for centuries. From the ancient Greeks and Romans through to the present day, this material has found favor. It has been employed both indoors and outdoors. Today, you can find homes with travertine walls as well as a solid travertine deck for the pool.

Why Choose a Travertine Deck?
While the attraction of many homes is the pool, it is the landscaping around the pool that will gain you kudos. The pool deck makes a statement about you and your pool. At Travertine Warehouse, we realize the importance of you choosing the exact right material to help you define you and your pool’s style. This is one reason why we suggest you consider the benefits of a travertine deck for your pool over other types.

We have solid reasons why a travertine deck is more than just capable of handling the job. Among the most significant ones we have compiled are those provided below. They include:

  • Durability: Travertine is durable. How long it lasts and what it is best suited for will depend upon the grade. You will pay significantly more for higher quality but, at Travertine Warehouse, we can help you keep the price low.
  • A Non-Slip Surface: Travertine is porous, therefore absorbing splashed pool water almost instantly
  • Attractiveness: The colors of travertine alone make it an attractive proposition. They are available in beige, brown, gold, ivory, light brown, red, silver and walnut. The styles and colors readily combine to create a classic, naturalistic or modern look
  • Easy to Repair: It is easy to remove and replace damaged pavers
  • Affordability: While concrete pool decks are less expensive, a travertine deck is still affordable. It costs less than many other materials and is worth every penny based on its performance and appearance
  • Easy On The Feet: Travertine decks do not absorb and radiate the heat as readily as do other similar substances. They are heat resistant making it much easier to walk across than many other decks

Purchasing Travertine
When you decide to purchase travertine to make your deck, do talk to us first. We can help you decide which type of travertine will best suit your purpose. It comes today in three different grades. They are:

  • Premium
  • Standard
  • Commercial

The grading is based on three factors or characteristics. These are:

  • The size of the holes found in the rock
  • The number of holes found in the rock
  • The uniformity of the color of the rock

Keep all this information in mind when you go ahead with your plans for a travertine deck for your pool. If you have any questions talk to us, at Travertine Warehouse, we are always ready to help our customers find the right answers so they can implement the best solutions.