Find Premium Travertine and Marble Tiles for Luxury Interior Design Projects

Marble and travertine are two of the best types of tiles that you can consider if you want a durable floor that can last for generations and increase the value of your property. A good way to buy travertine and marble tiles is to look for a reputable natural stone supplier in Louisiana online. While searching, make sure to go with a supplier that has at least a decade of experience in providing premium grade travertine and marble tiles and pavers to builders and homeowners in the Louisiana.

When choosing a supplier of natural stone tiles, be sure to go for a company that directly imports their travertine and marble from their own quarries. This way, they are able to provide cost-effective tiles for any application. Consider ordering samples first to see which type of finish or type of tile can go perfectly with your home’s interior design.

Travertine and marble tiles come in different styles, colors, and finishes. Explore the different types of finishes that the supplier is able to offer. The best suppliers can offer advice on which finish can help you achieve your interior design goals. For instance, tumbled travertine and marble tiles may be best for applications that require a higher co-efficient of friction, such as in the kitchen or in the foyer. A brushed and chiseled finish may be just what you need to provide a dramatic and rustic edge to a room.

Another way to shop for travertine and marble tiles is to browse them by color. Marble and travertine are natural stones, so they have unique veining and patterns. Hence, no tile should look exactly like another. This is an important feature that allows you to create a variety of bold and unique looks for any application. The wide variety of colors and patterns enable you to be flexible in choosing the best ones that can meet your standards for beauty.