Add Timeless Beauty to Your Home with French Pattern Travertine Imported from Turkey

Travertine tiles and pavers come in many different shades, textures, and colors to suit any application or interior and exterior design. French pattern travertine is one of the styles that you can consider for an effortlessly luxurious and classy appeal to any indoor and outdoor area. It can be the best choice if you want to bring out the best of Travertine’s beauty in your home. This pattern is also known as ‘Ashlar’, ‘Versailles’, or ‘Roman’, and any size of paver or tile can be combined for a more bespoke and bolder look.


Reputable suppliers carry French pattern travertine pavers in four sizes: 8” x 8”, 16” x 24”, 16” x 16”, and 8” x 16”. Interlocking the tiles will create a unique and ideal pattern that will enhance your property’s overall look and appeal. French pattern travertine pavers can transform your patio, foyer, balcony, or deck into a chic and elegant space for entertaining or relaxing. They are ideal for walkways, too.


French pattern travertine tiles will lend a timeless elegance to any room in the house where it is used. This type of tile will provide durable flooring with a sheen, polish, or matte finish that can enhance the value and appeal of your home. These tiles are versatile and can be used in various areas, including the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room. Their versatility enables them to go perfectly with any interior design, whether modern and sleek, or traditional and rustic. Alternatively, they can be used to emphasize the effects of space and light in an area to add more character to a room.


Seasoned suppliers of French pattern travertine offer premium grade tiles and pavers to discerning customers. You can request free samples of the tiles or pavers that you want, too, so you can make an informed buying decision. French pattern travertine can be cost-effective in the long run due to the natural durability of the stone. Hence, you are guaranteed with a material or flooring that can last for generations.