Choose the Best Paver Layout for Luxury Patios Using Premium Travertine

The versatility of a travertine paver is one of the reasons our clients, including some of the top contractors in the country, recommend this natural stone to their clients.

As every paver is slightly different in color, pattern and even in the surface features, this material is perfect in virtually any tiling pattern and design. This gives your patio or pool deck builder the opportunity to move beyond just basic patterns or to use a basic pattern that has endless various because of the diversity of the stone itself.

French Paver Pattern

The French paver pattern is a classic design and looks beautiful in both large and small areas. This pattern includes four different tiles sizes, a large and small square and a large and small rectangle. The four tiles sizes are used to create an irregular 16-foot square pattern interlocking into the surrounding sections to form a complete pattern.

There are no continual travertine paver lines in this pattern, generating a very interesting and subtle pattern. This is a great option for a driveway as well, and also looks wonderful in tiles for the interior of the home.

Three Tiles

Three tiles patterns using a travertine paver can include any repetitive type of pattern or shape. These often include one large size of paver and one or two smaller sizes to give a unique and textured rather than flat look to the patio. With the three tiles option, you can choose a pattern with continuous horizontal and vertical lines or you can choose one without the distinctive lines.

Two Tiles

With a two tile pattern, typically a rectangular and a square paver, you can create a range of different classic looks. It is possible to create the look of brickwork with alternating shapes in a horizontal line. You can also use these two shapes to create the look of cobblestones or the famous herringbone look.


With our travertine paver options, you can also opt for creating borders around a patio, driveway or walkway area. These borders can be simple and classic or more ornate and intricate to give your outdoor space just the look you want.

Choosing travertine as the material for your outdoor deck, patio, walkways and driveways is a welcome addition to any home. We know you will love the look of this natural stone, and you appreciate its durability and timeless appearance more and more each year.