Premium Travertine Flooring is Perfect to Upgrade Interior Design Projects

The use of natural stone as flooring is not entirely new, but its benefits have recently been realized by architects, builders, and homeowners who want a durable floor that can increase the value of the property. Travertine is among the choices in natural stone flooring. It is a type of limestone that naturally forms and deposits in hot mineral springs and underground caves. Being a natural stone, travertine boasts one of a kind patterns and colors, so no tile looks exactly like another. Here are reasons why travertine flooring makes an ideal choice for homes:

  • Longevity – Vinyl or laminate floors must be replaced in a few years, and even the strongest hardwood floors are likely to end their service life after two decades. Travertine flooring will last for generations. Take a look at the travertine structures and monuments built during Ancient Rome. Many of those are still standing and being admired today.
  • Finish – Travertine tiles come in four different finishes that can help you meet your interior design goals. If you prefer a rustic or rugged appearance that maintains the look of the natural stone, the tumbled finish is a good choice. Honed travertine offers a smoother and matte finish, making it great for showers and bathrooms, as well as for areas where you want a minimalist elegant look. Polished travertine will provide the gloss and luxurious appearance that you can get from marble tiles. Brushed and chiseled travertine offers an old world and dramatic edge to high traffic areas.
  • Character – The variety in colors and finishes will enable you to create the look that you desire for your home. At the same time, they provide a natural and aesthetically pleasing finish to various applications.

You can purchase travertine flooring online. Find a reputable natural stone supplier that directly sources travertine from its quarries in Turkey and some parts of Asia and Europe, so savings are passed on to you. There are suppliers that can provide free samples of travertine tiles that you want to use, so you can decide which one is best for your home.