Upgrade to a Luxury Driveway with Premium Travertine Pavers

Your driveway is one of the first things people will notice in your property, so it makes sense to want to make it look good. Travertine pavers are perfect if you are looking for an elegant and naturally beautiful material that can help your driveway make a good impression. Made of natural stone, travertine is durable and hard-wearing as proven by numerous ancient structures and iconic monuments built thousands of years ago using the same material. In fact, it was one of the materials the Romans used to build the Coliseum.

With travertine, you can create a driveway that can last for generations and will increase the value of your property. This can be a crucial factor in case you want to sell your home one day. Moreover, you can be sure that your driveway can withstand all outdoor conditions and vehicular traffic without cracking or failing. At the same time, your travertine driveway can make your property’s exterior look more natural, rustic, and high-end.

Some of the most beautiful travertine pavers are supplied in a brushed and chiseled edge finish, which provides a rustic and old world look. The rough edges can make your driveway look like the courtyards of Renaissance castles. Chiseled edge travertine pavers are thick, honed, and unfilled, and they can be installed in any design to create a bespoke and bold look.

The tumbled edge finish is another alternative you can consider when looking to install travertine pavers to your driveway. The material offers an extremely solid material to your driveway while ensuring safety and minimal skidding due to the slightly textured surface. Tumbled travertine pavers can make your outdoor area look timeless and sophisticated with their rounded edges and faded colors.

In case you are not sure which finish is best for your driveway, reputable suppliers of natural stone in the US can provide samples of chiseled or tumbled travertine pavers upon request. The samples are usually free and will provide you with a better insight when making a more informed decision.