Perhaps you saw a travertine deck in a friend’s home or a magazine and were enamored by its beauty. Do you want to build one for your home? Here are five things you might know about this material.


  1. A travertine deck can absorb water

This is one of the reasons why travertine is a good choice for swimming pool copings and pool decks. Travertine has the ability to seep water or liquid into its pores then below the surface. You will notice these pavers get dry very quickly.


  1. Travertine materials have ratings

Pavers are rated based on their slippage risk. The higher the rating, the less slippery the pavers are. High-quality travertine has a W rating, which means it is less likely to be slippery when the surface is wet.


  1. Travertine decks are great for saltwater pools

Saltwater swimming pools have become popular in luxury homes, but because salt crystals can cause salt decay, most natural stones are not ideal for saltwater pools. The good news is that travertine is not as susceptible as most natural stones as long as it is treated with a water-repellant and seal.  


  1. Travertine decks never have identical pieces

You already know that travertine comes in various colors and tones. But one secret that you might not have noticed is that each travertine paver is actually unique. You cannot find two identical pieces even if they come from the same batch. Each one features unique veining, and when all the pavers are put together side by side, they create an elegantly rustic look.


  1. You can purchase travertine pavers at wholesale prices

A gorgeous travertine pool deck does not have to be expensive. Get your pavers from a supplier that directly imports from top quarries in Turkey and Europe. Since they are direct importers of travertine pavers, they can offer high-quality travertine at lower-than-retail prices.