Adding a travertine deck may not be the cheapest way of upgrading your pool deck, but it is sure to be a great investment. Travertine’s reputation as one of the most durable materials on earth is long-established; after all, many of the ancient monuments built using it still stand today. It’s easy to see why many homeowners and designers still covet travertine. Exactly how is this material different from other pool deck materials?



Many luxury resorts use travertine because of the natural and effortless beauty of this stone. Modern materials try to mimic the appearance of travertine stone, but they never get close to it. Nothing compares to the genuine elegance of real travertine.



Travertine comes in different hues or colors, allowing you to choose the right tone that suits the theme of your pool area. Your color options range from creams and beiges to dark chocolate. A good supplier can offer a wider selection of patterns and shapes to choose from.



In the world of building and construction, natural stones are the epitome of strength and permanence. Even though you are spending quite an amount of money for your travertine deck, you can rest assured that the beauty and elegance of your pool is long-lasting.


Safe and Cool

It is easy to walk on a travertine deck because of the stone’s ability to remain cool even under the blazing heat of the sun. A travertine deck also keeps your feet from slipping. With its porous surface and water absorption capability, your travertine deck is sure to be safe.


To get a great deal on top quality travertine pavers, don’t buy from retailers. Choose a supplier that directly imports from travertine quarries and sellers from Asia and Europe. They can give you superior-quality travertine pavers at a more reasonable price.