Travertine is an easy choice if you want flooring that will add a touch of sophistication to your indoor areas. This natural stone is known for its durability and naturally elegant appearance that will not only make your home look aesthetically pleasing, but add value to it, too. Travertine tiles come in different sizes, colors, finishes, and patterns, so it should be easy to find the best that will match your décor, interior design, furniture, desired theme, or architecture. They can be purchased in different cuts, too, and if required, they can be shaped into smaller pieces to fill areas that are irregular in shape or size.

Apart from being sophisticated and elegant, travertine tiles can be a worthy investment for your home due to their durability and ability to last for generations. Even if they are constantly exposed to heavy foot traffic and daily wear and tear, they can easily withstand those and remain in good condition. Just make sure that they are properly sealed and that they are premium grade tiles, so you can minimize the need to conduct maintenance.

Travertine tiles can be used in any application, not only for floors, but also on walls and stairs. You can use them to create a bold and elegant mosaic on the wall and flooring of a room, or choose French pattern Travertine floors to provide a unique character to a space. Being versatile, travertine can easily be incorporated into traditional and contemporary designs. Certain finishes can help you achieve unique looks, too. For instance, tiles in a brushed and chiseled finish can provide a rustic or old-world charm to your room, or make a space look like the courtyard of a Renaissance castle. Polished tiles can transform a dull space into a grand and lavish abode for parties or intimate gatherings.