The swimming pool is one of the areas in your home where you and family and friends can converge to lounge, relax, and unwind. It is an area where you can entertain guests, too. So, it makes sense to want to beautify that area with the right materials, like travertine pavers and copings. By using natural stone like travertine, you can make your pool elegant and more conducive for relaxing and entertaining, and elevate your home’s appeal to exclusive. The pavers and copings can be finished in a way that can increase the safety of your pool deck, too, so you can minimize accidents caused by slips and falls.

Brushed and chiseled travertine pavers can provide a rustic finish or an old world look to your pool deck and other exterior areas with their rough edges, a feature that is reminiscent of majestic places like Renaissance castles. Suppliers can provide them in pavers that are 6” x 12” in size and 1 1/4” thick, with a honed and unfilled finish that makes them versatile to be installed in any design. They can be used as borders around a particular area of the pool or an outdoor space to contrast or compliment other natural stone pavers, too.

For a classic look, consider travertine pavers in a tumbled edge finish. This time, the natural stone is finished as a solid material without any loose imperfections and tiny chips. With these pavers, you can create a high-quality and sophisticated surface that has a slight texture, which provides grip for feet and footwear. Tumbled travertine will provide a timeless and sophisticated look to your pool deck with its rounded edges. A stone enhancer may be applied to enhance the faded colors.

For a consistent look, consider using travertine pool copings around your waterline, too. Suppliers carry standard bullnose tumbled copings in sizes that are just right for irregularly shaped and rectangular-shaped pools. They can be used for the pool’s stairs or steps for a more refined finished look, too.