Many homeowners don’t think that travertine driveway pavers are worth installing because they are expensive. What they fail to see it that this natural stone many advantages that asphalt and concrete simply can’t provide. Here are just some of the many reasons why it makes sense to choose travertine.


Natural beauty

The inherent beauty of travertine driveway pavers is undeniable. Compared to concrete, bricks, and asphalt, travertine is effortlessly elegant. In fact, every travertine paver is unique. You won’t find two identical pavers with the same veins. They even come in various shades and tones, allowing designers to play with different styles to achieve a unique design.


High PSI rating

A good brick paver should have at least 2500 PSI to withstand the weight and pressure of vehicles. Travertine driveway pavers, on the other hand, have the average rating of 7500 PSI—that’s 5000 PSI more than the average requirement! This huge difference in terms of PSI ensures the durability of your entire driveway.



Travertine is a popular material for pool decks because it is slip proof. But what many people don’t know is that it is actually weatherproof. It can withstand extreme weather conditions without showing any significant damage like cracks and frost. Whether you are living in the northern or southern part of the country, rest assured that your travertine driveway pavers can hold up the climate conditions and remain stunning.


Less Expensive

High-grade travertine is more affordable than marble. And if you want, you can even save more by purchasing them at wholesale prices. Some suppliers of travertine stones are able to sell them at less than retail or market prices because they are importing directly from the quarries based in Asia or Europe.


Increase the value of your home

Overall, travertine driveway pavers won’t only upgrade your home’s curb appeal but your overall property. So if you are considering of selling your home in the future, don’t overlook your driveway.