Copings are not merely finishing touches to your pool. They can make your waterline safer, too. Only a few materials can help you achieve an elegant, smooth, and safe pool, and travertine is one of them. Reputable and seasoned suppliers of natural stone tiles and pavers offer a good range of travertine pool copings for different applications. They have the right sizes in a wide variety of colors to make sure that you can create the best look for your pool. Standard bullnosed travertine pool coping is one of the most versatile materials for a new construction or a remodel. It is supplied in a size (4” x 9” x 1.5”), which is ideal for uniquely shaped swimming pools that have a lot of rounded edges. The coping is small enough to not require big cuts, and big enough for a cost-effective installation that prevents waste.

Standard bullnosed travertine pool copings come in other sizes for rectangular shaped pools and waterlines that have a lot of straight edges. These can be used for the steps of the pool to create a consistent and refined look. Standard bullnosed copings go perfectly with travertine pavers for your pool deck, too. The copings are made from premium grade travertine, which comes from top quarries and sellers in Europe, Turkey, and Asia. Suppliers import the material directly from those sources to pass the savings on to you.

Some of the best suppliers of travertine pool copings offer specially designed materials for retro fit jobs and remodels, like the two-inch coping. The thick profile easily compensates for deck undulation, pool lip damage, and install flush with another hard deck material, which resulted in a high transition line. This may be the solution to minimize trip hazards, too. Alternatively, you can go for the remodel travertine pool coping if you want to do the installation yourself. Remodel copings are pre-formed enhancements designed specifically for DIY jobs. The four-inch turn easily covers all kinds of damage, blemish, and uneven copings.