The deck is not just a practical addition to your outdoors. It can enhance the value of your home and make your outdoors more conducive for entertaining and relaxing. To achieve that, you need to choose the right decking material that is durable, elegant, and sophisticated. Travertine pavers are perfect if you want a deck that can last for generations while boosting the value of your home in the long run. There are many different ways that you can build a travertine deck. Here are some of the best design ideas to consider:

  • Use a single color for the entire deck to create a uniform look – Buy travertine pavers in a single color and finish for a consistent, clean, and minimalist look throughout the deck. Any color should go perfectly with your home’s exterior design and environment, while ensuring an all-natural look.
  • Consider contrasting colors – Build a travertine deck using pavers in at least two contrasting colors for a bolder, interesting look. You can create a pattern out of two colors for a truly unique and bespoke look that is unlike anyone has ever seen.
  • Achieve a classic, sophisticated look with tumbled edge travertine pavers – The rounded edges of these pavers can create a timeless and elegant appearance to your travertine deck. If they come in faded colors, enhance them using a stone enhancer. You can create bold, beautiful patterns by combining tumbled edge pavers in different sizes like 6 x 12 and 16 x 16 or 12 x 12, 24 x 24, and 16 x 24.
  • Go for an old world look – Create a rustic look with the rough edges of brushed and chiseled travertine pavers. With this idea, your travertine deck can look like a Renaissance castle or a courtyard.
  • Use French pattern pavers – They can provide a luxurious, timeless, and chic appearance to your deck.

If you are not sure which travertine paver is right for your deck, order free samples from a reputable natural stone supplier online. That way, you know exactly how your travertine deck will look when you use a paver of a certain type, color, or finish.