There are all sorts of choices and decisions you will have to make when remodeling or designing your home. Among these are the best finishes that will make your floors, walls, splash backs, countertops, and room surfaces look stylish and well put-together. While it may seem like an unusual choice, marble tile size can make or break the overall look of your kitchen or bathroom floor. Tiles are stylish options for surface finishes in both outdoor and indoor areas of your home. Marble tiles, in particular, are very eye-catching, hard-wearing, and easy to maintain, making them a reasonable choice compared to other material options.

Marble tile shapes and sizes are varied and your choice will affect not only the general appearance of the finished surface, but quite possibly, the cost of your installation. Smaller tiles are naturally more time-consuming and laborious to lay out than larger tiles, but the pros and cons don’t stop here. Below are some things you should consider when choosing the right marble tile size for your applications:

  • The surface area of the floor or space you are laying down tiles for is an important consideration. Large tiles are ideal for general flooring applications, while smaller tiles are the better choice for smaller spaces and surface areas like countertops and walls.
  • Choose small tiles if you want to make a surface stand out. A small marble tile is a lot easier to create patterns with.
  • Larger tiles give the impression of a larger space, which is why they are better for floor use. If you want to create an illusion of a larger floor area, use larger marble tile.
  • Finally, smaller tiles are more difficult to clean than larger tiles, which have greater surface area and create fewer crevices. If you want surfaces that are easier to maintain, go for larger tiles.