Installing travertine in Texas homes or establishments is a great strategy to increase the value of the property. However, you must ensure first that the travertine tiles you are buying have superior quality.

Here are some of the factors that you should take into consideration. They will be vital on your search for the best travertine in Texas:



The first thing that you want to do is to find a trustworthy supplier. In this digital age, you will surely find many retailers claiming to sell premium grade travertine tiles online. The problem is that their price may be too expensive—or their tiles may be inferior. To save money, choose a supplier directly imports from the best quarries in Asia or Europe. Since they order in bulk and supply retailers, they can give you great travertine tiles at wholesale prices. Nevertheless, don’t forget to check their payment policy and shipping fees.


Free samples

If you are buying online, then you should not only rely on the photos posted by the supplier. Always request for free samples before making a purchase. Once they ship the tiles to your home, you can check how it really looks in your space and examine their quality.



Travertine tiles come in various colors and shapes. It is almost impossible to find identical travertine tiles in a batch because their veining patterns are all-natural and completely unique. Beautiful travertine times will allow you to create stunningly beautiful flooring in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom.


Shape and finish

Travertine tiles are also available in different shapes and finishes. Both factors can affect the overall design and feel of your travertine flooring. Decide which shape and finish will go well with your interior or try to combine two different colors and shapes to achieve a distinct look.