You can never go wrong with marble tiles when it comes to luxurious and sophisticated flooring. With the right size and cut, you can arrange them in any pattern that you want, such as the artistic and creative mosaic-like arrangement. Using this marble pattern, you can add a unique look and feel to your application and make the floor a remarkable feature in itself. Likewise, it should add an elegant and sophisticated earthy appeal to the room, while brightening up a space. Here are tips for creating a mosaic pattern with marble tiles:

  • Choosing the right tiles – Reputable suppliers carry tiles in a variety of shapes, cuts, sizes, and finishes, all of which will affect look and quality of the mosaic marble pattern that you want to create. Tumbled tiles are often recommended for bathrooms and kitchens, and as the natural stone’s color will vary from one tile to another, you can easily create a contrasting mosaic pattern with a grid installation.
  • Marble tiles can come in a honed and polished finish, too, depending on the look that you are trying to achieve. The latter should make your room look opulent with its glossy surface, and the other should provide a touch of classic opulence to your application. A brushed finish can provide a rustic look to your home.
  • Try using two or more colors – Find tiles of the same finish in different hues to create a contrasting marble pattern for a bolder look, but make sure that this style is feasible and can easily be achieved. Consider consulting with a ‘natural stone expert’ for ideas.
  • Make sure the surface is ready – Once you have decided on the pattern, layout, and the manner of installation, you will need to prepare the floor where you will lay out the marble tiles. Make sure it is clean, with no traces of old flooring or paint and debris.