Natural stone flooring is considered a good investment when you want to boost the value of your home due to its beauty and durability. Travertine floors are a testament to that, with their timelessness and strength, especially if you invest in premium grade tiles. Those characteristics of travertine have been proven by ancient and majestic structures that were built using that material and are still standing today, showing that you cannot go wrong with natural stone tiles if you want the floor to last for generations.


Travertine floors can create any finish or look that you want. This versatility is made possible with the many different options in styles, shades, and finishes. To create a luxurious, sophisticated space, consider tiles in a polished finish that provides a smooth surface that has been buffed to a shiny gloss. Think palatial homes and venues that have a rich elegance and an exclusive appeal. For a simple yet elegant feel, consider honed and filled travertine tiles, which are similar to polished flooring, minus the high gloss.


For a rustic feel or an appeal that make your home look like a castle, consider travertine floors in a brushed and chiseled finish. Their mechanically brushed surface gives them a rugged look that is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, and their chiseled edges add to the dramatic transition from one tile to another to break the monotony of straight edge floors. You can also go for tumbled travertine tiles for timeless glamour and appeal to your hallways, kitchens, and high traffic areas. Their surface provides extra grip for the feet to prevent slips and falls.


Travertine floors come in unique and bold patterns, like French pattern tiles, which can be used in any part of the house. This style is comprised of four different sizes of tiles that come in two bundles of 12 pieces that will cover an area of 16 square feet. Like tumbled, polished, brushed, and honed travertine tiles, they come in different colors and shades. You can request for samples from a supplier if you need help in deciding which finish or color is best for certain areas of your house.