Travertine is easily one of the best choices in natural stone flooring and material due to its durability, versatility, and longevity. It can make your home more luxurious and elegant, too. By installing travertine tiles or pavers in your home, you may even be able to increase the value of your property. As long as you install high-quality travertine, you should be able to enjoy all the benefits it provides to homeowners in Louisiana. Here are tips to find attractive travertine tiles and pavers in Louisiana:

  • Find a reputable supplier – Working with an experienced and reputable natural stone supplier ensures that you are getting the best travertine pavers and tiles for your home. Consider a company that works directly with top sellers and quarries and imports directly from Asia, Turkey, and Europe to provide the highest-quality and cost-effective travertine tiles and pavers at a fraction of the cost.
  • Go for premium grade travertine tiles and pavers – Travertine comes in different grades to indicate its quality. Premium grade is the highest-quality travertine you could ask for. They come in many different colors and styles, and in different finishes, too. Reputable suppliers carry them in special designs, too, with French pattern as one of the best examples.
  • Explore the selection online – Browse the virtual showroom of a reputable travertine tile and paver supplier in Louisiana to explore its product range. Consider a website that doubles as a reliable resource center, too. This way, you do not have to look further for information and buying guides.
  • Find out the features of every finish – Travertine tiles come in four different finishes. A polished finish will provide a classic and timeless look to your home with a highly buffed and shiny gloss. Honed tiles are smooth, but without the gloss of a highly polished stone. Brushed and chiseled travertine are textured with indentations on the edges for a dramatic, rustic, and old world look. Tumbled tiles are textured, too, but they have a more contemporary look.
  • Order free samples – Seasoned suppliers can provide free samples of travertine tiles or pavers that you want. Take advantage of that offer and request those samples to have a better look and feel of the product.