A lot of people mistakenly think that travertine and marble are the same. They are not. It is true that marble and travertine are both natural stones. However, they still have their own distinct and unique features. Travertine—which is a sedimentary stone—is extracted from hot springs and limestone caves. It is widely used all over the world for both outdoor and indoor applications. On the other hand, marble is formed when a sedimentary stone is subjected to heat or pressure over long periods of time.

Apart from the differences in the formation of travertine and marble, these two also have distinctions in terms of their usage. Marble tiles have a clean and crisp appearance. They are also very beautiful and luxurious. Because of this, marble can usually be found on bathroom walls, countertops, and floors. Marble floors are able to survive rough everyday use because it is relatively a very hard material. Travertine, on the other hand, is typically installed in kitchens, bathroom floors, and outdoor areas. Its surface is high-friction, and this characteristic helps increase safety (especially in outdoor areas) by preventing accidents such as slipping. A lot of pools have travertine pavers installed because of this advantage.

In terms of cost, natural marble can be expected to be pricier, although natural travertine may cost more than cultured marble. The costs heavily rely on the stone’s quality as well as on the region where the stone came from. As for the strength of the stones, marble and travertine are both durable materials, but marble floors may be the better choice if you need flooring for a commercial building.

Travertine is easier to process than marble, which is why it is available in more finishes. If you have a limited budget and you think that you won’t be able to afford marble floors, then you should go for travertine instead. Don’t worry because travertine can last long if it is properly installed and maintained. However, if you are willing to spend more and you are after a long-lasting and hardy material, marble is the way to go.