Have you heard about French pattern travertine? It is one of the available travertine styles that you can use for your home. You can take advantage of its unique shape and look to make certain rooms and areas more distinct.


What exactly are they? French pattern travertine also goes by the name Ashlar pattern, Roman pattern or Versailles pattern travertine. It is composed of differently sized travertines—particularly an 8×8, an 8×16, a 16×16 and a 16×24—that are interlocked to create a very special pattern combination.


Elegant and timeless, French pattern travertine can be used in almost any room in the house. It instantly lends interest to an otherwise plain bedroom, guest room, or living room. Do you want to give your kitchen some personality? You can use French pattern tiles to give it that French-country charm that never goes out of style. How about using French pattern travertine in the bathroom? French tumble tiles provide a more textured surface that is perfect for this application. Pavers can offer a firmer grip between the foot and the floor. Because of the special arrangement of this travertine, you can also install this on the shower walls.


There are many different colors to choose from—from classic neutrals of warm beige, chocolate, and soft browns all the way to elegant honey tones that are best for traditional living areas. You can also get them in combinations of pink, gray, silver, and gold if you want to create a luxurious entryway, as well as blended gray, cream, and beige for more modern indoor spaces. It’s easy to make any area of your home stand out using French pattern travertines. Be sure to order them from a reliable supplier to ensure the best prices and the highest quality.