One of best ways to make your home look better is to upgrade the look and function of your patio. Why don’t you treat it to a travertine makeover? Travertine pavers come in a variety of colors and in chiseled edge or tumbled finishes, which would surely allow you to build a beautiful travertine patio based on your preferences. This material is luxurious and classic, and will make your patio more inviting and relaxing.

Since travertine comes in an assortment of colors, your travertine patio will easily complement the rest of your property. Travertine pavers are durable and they can effortlessly withstand high foot traffic. There is no need to worry about these pavers getting hot during the summer because they are naturally resistant to heat. Travertine’s strength has already been tested by ancient structures such as the Roman Colosseum, which stands up until now.

Another benefit that you can get from a travertine patio is that it provides more safety, especially when the ground is wet. Travertine is a natural stone and it has indentations which can provide more grip and traction. This will prevent slipping, falling, and other accidents, and will prove to be practical especially if you have a pool nearby or if there is a part in your patio that’s not covered by a roof.


When looking for travertine pavers, choose to buy from leading suppliers of natural stones. The best suppliers quarry and source their products directly from Turkey and other countries. They can also provide you with the size and finish you need. Be careful about companies that sell their travertine products at very cheap prices. There’s a high probability that the qualities of the stone that they have used differ considerably and cannot withstand extreme climates.