The driveway is one of the areas of your home that is typically subject to heavy foot and vehicle traffic. Hence, it makes sense to choose a highly durable paving material for it. With this in mind, you may want to consider natural stone pavers to create a travertine driveway, or consider a more elegant and luxurious material like marble. Travertine Warehouse offers a great selection of marble tiles and pavers that can let you create timeless and sophisticated areas on your property. For your driveway, choose tumbled edge marble pavers that can provide extra grip for tires to prevent skidding, and for your feet to prevent slips and falls.

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is formed after limestone is subject to extreme pressure and temperatures. Its veins, colors, shades, and patterns are formed by substances like silicates, micas, and oxides. Like travertine, marble has been used for centuries as reliable and durable building material. In fact, many structures that were built using marble are still standing today, including the Taj Mahal, Washington monument, and the ancient Roman baths. Hence, you can be sure that your marble or travertine driveway can last for generations, making travertine and marble pavers are cost-effective in the long run.

Marble pavers are cool to the touch, so you can comfortably work or spend time on your driveway, even on a hot summer day. For your driveway, go for a darker shade to camouflage oil stains, although you may want to consider wiping up spills as soon as you notice them, so you can prevent them from leaving a permanent mark on the marble paver. Marble’s hardness and dense nature makes it capable of withstanding heavy vehicles. Being naturally moisture resistant, marble will not harbor any bacteria or let mold and fungus thrive. That way, you can be sure that your marble driveway is low-maintenance and easy to clean.