Travertine is among the most elegant and beautiful flooring materials. Travertine floors are used in plenty of luxurious homes because of their sophisticated look. This natural stone offers a lot of benefits to the property that it’s installed in, such as versatility and durability. However, not all travertine tiles or pavers are equal. Some of them were cut from high-quality stones while some were not. For this reason, there are important things that you have to consider when buying travertine to ensure that you’ll get high-quality materials. Here are points to keep in mind when buying travertine flooring:

  1. Look for the right style – Travertine floors can be found in various sizes, colors, and shapes. It is important that you pick the ones that will suit your home’s design best.
  1. Consider room condition – When buying travertine, you should always choose the one that will be able to withstand the condition in the area where it will be installed. For instance, if you are looking for flooring for the entryway, it will be best to find premium-grade travertine that will be able to hold up to high foot traffic.
  1. Determine the travertine finish that you prefer – Travertine tiles are available in different finishes. There’s the tumbled finish, which appears antique and rustic. There’s also the honed finish, which is glossy and flat. The brushed finish gives travertine a charming appeal, while the filled finish provides it with more strength and durability. If you want your travertine floors to have a neat and shiny look, go for the polished finish.
  1. Purchase from a reputable supplier – Make sure to buy your travertine from a trusted and established supplier to ensure its quality. The suppliers that offer the best products are those that source their stones from the world’s best quarries. You supplier must carry a wide range of options so that you’ll get to pick ones that best suits your taste.