Leathered finish marble pavers have been creating a noise in the world of home design lately. Home designers are installing them in patios, gardens, and pathways, choosing them over honed and tumbled marble pavers. Leathered finish marble pavers are originally honed pavers that undergone a leathering process. To achieve their distinct rough and matte texture, diamond brush run over their surface. They are better than honed pavers because for various reasons. Wondering how this leathered finish impacts the overall appearance of your home?


Rustic and luxurious

Leathered finish is generally better than honed finish pavers because they highlight the inherent characteristics of marble stones. By being rough and having no sheen, your outdoor appear to be naturally beautiful like you have just quarried the stone from the mountain. If you are going after rustic home designs, this is definitely the type of marble paver texture to choose.



Sealing is included in the process of making leathered finish marble pavers. This means that they are shipped to your home ready to be installed. Sealed marble pavers also translate to a beautiful marble flooring that can withstand the test of time and weather.


Low Maintenance

Thanks to their rough and porous surface, there is no need for you to mop or clean them as regularly as you do with tumbled or honed pavers. They hide any type of blemishes like scratches and watermarks, too. And since the pavers have a protective layer, they can repel dirt and resist stain better. Thus, cleaning and maintenance is a breeze.


It is understandable that many would not consider marble pavers because of their tag price. Fortunately, you can find contractors that sells premium-grade marble stone at a wholesale price. By working directly with top quarries in Europe and Asia, these contractors pass the savings onto you.