Achieving an effortlessly elegant interior design will depend on certain factors, like the furniture and décor you will choose. However, the result can depend highly on the flooring, too, and if you are looking for a versatile option that can go with any look, consider getting marble tiles instead of conventional choices like hardwood and ceramic flooring. Marble is a dense, metamorphic limestone made up of carbonate minerals that have been recrystallized and super-heated, resulting in an unbelievable durable and hard material. With marble flooring, any application can exude an aura of luxury and style regardless of the interior design.

The use of marble in construction is not entirely new. In fact, it has been used for centuries, yet it continues to be a remarkably durable material that can withstand the test of time and the trends. Many of the world’s most iconic structures, like the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, Lincoln Memorial, and the Duomo of Florence are made of the metamorphic rock, and they all have a majestic and timeless look that is still admired and appreciated to this day. When using marble tiles in high traffic areas, make sure that you apply a neutral PH stone sealer to keep them in good condition.

Marble tiles typically come polished, which provides a high gloss to the surface. However, they can come in other finishes, too, like honed, which is ideal for a subtle elegant look, and brushed, which provides a rustic finish to your application. Some suppliers carry tumbled marble flooring that is perfect for bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens to minimize slips and falls.

The benefits of marble tiles are not merely all about their beauty and durability. They are ideal if you are looking for flooring that is easy to clean, too. Marble does not hold allergens and accumulate mold and fungus. Hence, it should not contribute to your allergies and respiratory issues. It is easy to clean, too. Moreover, marble flooring will instantly increase your property’s value in the long run.