For hundreds of years, marble has been used as a flooring material because of its durability, opulence, and sophistication. There are many different types of marble flooring, and each type brings a different look to any area where the marble will be installed. Marble comes in numerous colors—black, green, red, white, pink, brown—you name it. With this much variety, you will surely find the perfect marble flooring for your design.

Marble is generally classified into three groups: dolomite, magnesium, and calcite. Dolomite contains more than 40% magnesium carbonate. Magnesium has around 5 to 40% magnesium, and calcite contains less than 5% magnesium carbonate.

Apart from these classifications, marble also comes in hundreds of colors and patterns in. As you look for new marble flooring, you may encounter the following types:

Carrara Marble – This is the type of marble that can be found in ancient Roman and Greek statues. This type of marble is among the lightest (whitest) ones that can be used for flooring. Consider it if you want to achieve a pristine look.

Breccia – Breccia often looks warmer and darker, the hue varying from one stone to another. Its deep brown and red hues are perfect for countertops and flooring.

Limestone – This type of marble is one of the most well-known ones. It often comes in tan or beige, and it is ideal for washrooms. As a naturally-occurring stone, it is porous and suitable for light- to medium-traffic areas or applications.

Calacatta – Calacatta may be a little similar with Carrara, but the two certainly have different features. Calacatta and Carrara’s vein patterns look similar, but Calacatta’s lines are usually bolder and more noticeable. Calacatta also has warmer hues and is perfect for infusing a dramatic look into any room.