Driveways are an often overlooked part of the house. Many homeowners are hesitant to decorate and style them because they are seen as purely functional. More often than not, driveways are simply constructed with cement and left as is because other flooring materials will easily be damaged and constant repair could be costly. But if you want a totally unique and opulent driveway, here’s a tip: Consider installing travertine pavers.

Travertine pavers will not only add a unique look to your driveway—it also adds functionality to it because it is durable and could withstand frequent use. The best historical proof of travertine’s timeless elegance and strength is the Roman Coliseum, which was originally constructed out of travertine.

Travertine is a sedimentary rock naturally formed in hot springs and limestone caves. It comes in natural colors such as warm tan, elegant beige, muted gray, or sometimes rarely in rusty colors. Color maintenance is easy; just a simple color-lifting polish is all you need to enhance its appearance. The color will not fade over time or use because it is not synthetic, unlike other flooring materials. Cleaning travertine driveways are a breeze, and there is virtually no need to worry about its exposure to the elements. Travertine pavers are freeze-thaw resistant, which could be useful during the winter to spring transition. They are also heat-resistant for those hot summer days.

Travertine is heavily sought after by builders and decorators because of its versatile look and heavy duty build, although it is not easy to come by. When purchasing travertine make sure to buy from an online store that directly imports their travertine from countries in Europe and Asia. They should also be working directly with leading quarries, since travertine is highly in demand and unfortunately only select few quarries locally supply travertine. Although the best quality travertine come from countries like Turkey, and buying from a store with direct international partnerships means getting the best tiles and pavers for a fraction of the cost.