Travertine tiles are among the most versatile flooring you can use for a wide range of indoor applications. They come in different colors, styles, patterns, and finishes, so you should be able to find the perfect tiles to go with your interior décor or to suit a specific application. Travertine tiles are typically used in areas that are frequented by people (such as the living room, dining room) and kitchen because they are strong enough to handle heavy foot traffic. The durability of travertine flooring is proven by many ancient structures that were constructed using the same type of stone and are still standing and being admired today. The Roman Colosseum is a good example of this.

Polished travertine tiles are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms that with a classic aesthetic. The high, shiny gloss and smooth surface provides an elegant and exclusive appeal to rooms where the tiles are installed. Travertine tiles with a polished finish can make the room seem like it is part of a palatial home or a mega mansion. If you do not want a shiny surface, you can go for a honed and filled finish, which is achieved by removing the natural imperfections and slight indentations from travertine, but stopping short of polishing the surface. The elegant finish is perfect for bedrooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms.

For high foot traffic areas, travertine tiles with a brushed and chiseled finish may be more suitable. These tiles have the natural characteristics of travertine while ensuring a uniform finish. They are mechanically brushed to achieve a slight texture, making them versatile for any indoor application, including kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and areas where you are likely to receive guests. The chiseled edges provide a dramatic finish and an unusual transition from tile to tile. Alternatively, you may go for tumbled travertine tiles for a classic and a more natural look in your living areas.