When picking which material to use for your kitchen floor, the tiles or flooring material needs to be more than just pretty. Choosing the wrong floor may diminish the functionality of the space. You can’t go wrong with travertine floors. They are guaranteed not only to bring a modern look to your kitchen—they can also make the area a little safer.

Is your kitchen predominantly reddish and warm? You’ve made a great choice. After all, reds and other such colors has been shown to help increase appetite. You’ll be glad to know that travertine flooring complements red kitchens as it is available in cream, beige, and gray, as well as rustic warm shades. A great supplier will be happy to receommend specific hues that best fit your project.

Travertine is a natural stone so it requires zero synthetic processing. It simply goes through natural cutting, honing, and polishing—nothing toxic. Because it is found and mined directly from the hot springs and limestone caves, the colors cannot be changed artificially. In order to get the best travertine floors, buy from an online shop that specializes in travertine to gain access to a wide array of travertine tiles. The best travertine dealer works directly with the world’s leading quarries and imports their travertine from countries all over Europe and Asia, such as a Turkey where some of the finest travertine quarries are found.

Travertine provides more than glamour to your kitchen. You can use unfilled travertine pavers with non-slip properties to provide more traction in the area. While they are often used for pool decks, travertine can also be useful in the kitchen if you want to minimize the risk if slippage and related accidents. What’s more, travertine tiles are easy to clean and maintain. For a safer, cleaner, and stylish kitchen, travertine tiles are the clear choice.