Whether designing a new room or remodeling an old one, your choice of surface materials is critical not only to the overall look and ambiance of the area, but also to its function and safety. Marble is one of the most elegant and luxurious home design materials you can find in the market. Not only does this stunning material create a classy look for any bathroom, it is also one of the most durable and resilient minerals to use for surfaces that are constantly wet or moist. While it can be tempting to use marble for everything in your bathroom, here are reasons why you might want to limit your marble pieces to accent features that make your bathroom design stand out:

  • Instead of covering your bathroom entirely with marble, consider making your design pop out even more with accent pieces that pop out. Marble stone basins along with bathtubs and sinks are great choices of stone elements that add timeless elegance to your bathroom interiors. In addition to bathroom tops, stone basins are also great for kitchens and smaller washrooms, elevating the appearance of the space.
  • Marble sinks and basins come in a variety of types and styles. A single-bowl layout is common for small bathrooms, but if you have space to spare, having two basins on your bathroom counter might also be a practical choice, especially in a shared bath. Some popular marble basin formats include under-mount sinks, vessel sinks, wall mounted sinks, and integrated or countertop sinks, the last of which make perfect choices for pre-fab vanities.
  • Marble is an ideal choice compared to stainless steel, glass, ceramic, and stone basins because of its durability, heat resistance, and ability to withstand pressure without cracking and chipping. This is why marble is a popular material in high traffic areas like bathroom vanities and tubs.