One of the common misconceptions about marble floors is that they require high-maintenance, but the opposite is true. Marble floors are easy to look after if you know the basic rules. Whether or not your marble floors are new, consider following these cleaning and maintenance tips for keeping them shiny. Some of these tips can even restore their polished-looking appearance.


The Basics


There is no doubt that tough chemical cleaners can remove stains. But there is one problem—they also take away the shine of your marble stone and are therefore not recommended for regular cleaning. What you need is simpler solution that will cost you nothing. Just mix warm water and non-acidic dish liquid in a spray bottle or in a pail. Use this cleaning solution for mopping the floors twice or thrice a week. Make sure to use a soft mop and dry the area completely.



Cleaning Stains


In case your marble floors need a thorough cleaning because of stains, use baking soda poultice. Just add baking soda to a pail of water and mix until you get the consistency of sour cream. Spray the stained marble tile with water then apply the baking soda poultice. Cover it with a plastic wrap and let it completely dry for the next 24 hours. After removing the dry poultice and the stain, spray the area with water and wipe them dry. Repeat the process as needed.



Restoring Dull Marble floors


If your marble floor has long been neglected, fret not—there is still a hope. For non-sealed marble, a shine-enhancing marble sealer will do the trick. As for previously sealed marble, polishing powders are preferable. In case the damage is too big, you might need to install new marble tiles. Buy from a supplier that imports huge amount of marbles from the quarries in Europe and Asia to get the best value.