Determining how much tile you will be needing for your travertine floors is an important step when planning a home remodel. An accurate estimation of the amount of material you should order is critical to make sure that you won’t be wasting any material or become short of the same during installation. Correct order placement will also impact cost, so ask your supplier about their bulk offers to get sure savings. Making sure you have enough material to cover your intended surface, plus some extra just in case of broken pieces or should you need to replace a couple in the future is important so your travertine floors will retain their beauty and elegance from the day they were laid out and for years to come. Ordering extra is also wise because travertine is a unique material that is difficult to find a good match for, should you need a replacement. The unique streaks and patterns that run through the stone make it impossible to find two pieces that are exactly alike.

What you want to do when determining how much tile you will need for your travertine floors is to measure the surface that you want to cover. Get the area of the entire surface by multiplying the width and the length. A square foot is equal to 12 by 12 inches this is equivalent to 1 12” tile per square foot, if you are going with this type and size of tile. Travertine typically comes in tile sizes ranging from 4” to 6”, 9”, 12”, and 18”, although rectangular tiles are also available in varying size intervals. Tiles are typically available in square and rectangular shapes, although irregular pieces can also be bought for creating various patterns. Other tile patterns may require you to grind the tiles down to the right shape to create the aesthetic you want.