Natural stone tiles can easily add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home. It can make any space timelessly luxurious, too. While there are different types of stone tiles in the market, one of the options that keep standing out is travertine, a form of limestone created naturally around mineral spring deposits. Travertine tiles are stylish, durable, and naturally beautiful, but there are certain things you must consider when buying them. Here is a guide to help you out:


  • The supplier – Buy tiles only from a trustworthy and reputable supplier of natural stone tiles and pavers. Consider a business that sources travertine directly from the top sellers and quarries in Turkey, Asia, and Europe, and make sure they have a reliable customer service team that can help you shop for the best tiles for every application.

  • Travertine grades – The quality of travertine tiles can be defined by their grade. Always go for premium grade travertine, which comes with minimal to no discoloration, with an even thickness and consistent cuts.

  • Types of travertine tiles – Reputable suppliers carry four types, which are classified according to their finish: polished, honed and filled, brushed and chiseled, and tumbled. Each has its own benefits that can make or break the look you are after. Polished tiles provide a classic, upscale look with their smooth and glossy surface, but if you want a subdued elegant look, consider honed and filled tiles. A brushed and chiseled finish provides a dramatic transition from one tile to another to break the monotony of straight edge flooring, while making your flooring it seems like it belongs to a Renaissance castle. Tumbled travertine is often preferred in high traffic areas for their non-slip surface, but they can be great just about anywhere in the home.

  • Request for samples – Some suppliers can provide samples of the travertine tiles you are interested in, so take that offer to make informed choices.