Leathered marble pavers are becoming a top choice for homebuilders and designers. They use this type of material for upgrading or renovating patios, decks, and pathways. Leathered marble pavers offer the same benefits and advantages that other marble pavers provide. They are also stunning, durable, and elegant-looking. Their only difference is that they have little or no shine, and their texture is rougher compared to tumbled or honed marble pavers.


The distinctness of leathered marble in terms of texture has a great impact on the overall appearance of your outdoors. A lot of designers like a leathered finish because it can highlight the natural beauty of marble and provide a rustic appeal to any space. When choosing these marble pavers, you should take into consideration several factors including:



Marble pavers are available in wide variety of colors. Choose shades of black or gray if you want to create a modern-dramatic kind of effect. These dark colors can show off the unique texture of the paver and hide blemishes, making your outdoor flooring look even more opulent. This is why when you look at different websites and magazines, you will notice that many modern homes feature dark leathered marble floors.



In order to achieve a timelessly luxurious style, you must use high-quality marble pavers. You need to be meticulous in choosing the right dealer for this reason. Before ordering, always ask for free samples so you can check the quality of their leathered marble pavers and how they actually look in your home. Be sure to look for reviews about the dealer to see what previous customers have to say.



Of course, price is another major buying factor. Marble stones are generally expensive, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot find a dealer that sells them for lower than the current market prices. The best suppliers usually import straight from top quarries around the world and can pass the savings on to you.