Having a travertine deck will not only make your outdoor area more functional—it can also potentially enhance your home’s value and make the outdoors more suitable for activities such as parties and reunion. Travertine is an ideal decking material since it is durable and aesthetically pleasing. With the use of travertine pavers, you can rest assured that your deck will last for generations and that your home will be more sellable in future should you wish to put it up for sale. Here are some tips and ideas to build an attractive travertine deck:

1.To create a uniform look, use a single color for the entire deck.

If you want your deck to have a consistent, minimalist, and clean look all throughout, buy the pavers in a single color and finish. You can go for any color since travertine has an all-natural look that will go perfectly with the exteriors and environment of your home.

2.For a bolder look, go for contrasting colors.

A travertine deck that consist of pavers with at least two contrasting colors will appear to be bolder, unique, and more interesting. You can best make use of these colors but creating patterns out of them.

3.For an elegant and sophisticated deck, choose tumbled edge pavers. 

Tumbled edge pavers have rounded edges that can make your deck look timeless and classy. You can use a stone enhancer if the pavers come in faded colors.

4.Use travertine pavers to create a travertine pool deck.

Travertine is a great material for your pool deck since it does not absorb heat, allowing your pool area to stay cool. A travertine pool deck also increases the safety level in your pool area because of its slip-proof surface.

To find the right travertine pavers for your deck, order free samples from a reputable natural stone supplier online. This will allow you to know exactly how your deck will appear when you use a particular color, finish, or type.