The driveway is one of the first places people will see when they pass by or arrive at your home. So, it makes sense to choose only a high-quality paver to make the best impression on guests and passers-by. Travertine pavers are great because the natural stone lets your driveway blend naturally with the environment, while their timeless and elegant appeal enhances the look and feel of your property to extravagant and sophisticated.


A travertine driveway will also provide you with the following benefits:


  • A durable driveway – The natural stone is a form of limestone that has been used as building material for centuries. A lot of ancient structures were built using travertine, including the Roman Colosseum, which is still standing today and serving as a good example of the material’s durability and timeless appeal.


  • Increased property value – A travertine driveway will not only elevate your home’s appeal to exclusive. It should add to its value, too. Homes that have high-quality natural stone pavers and flooring are likely to fetch a higher price in the market. They are more attractive to potential buyers, too, in case you intend to sell your home someday.


  • A stylish home – Travertine pavers come in different colors, finishes, and patterns to suit any exterior environment and architecture. A chiseled edge finish provides that rustic or old world look with its rough edges that will make your driveway look and feel like a part of a courtyard of a Renaissance castle. With an appropriate shade or pattern, you can use the pavers to create a medieval-style with travertine driveway, too. For an all-around finish, consider tumbled edge pavers that provide a classic and sophisticated look to your outdoors with their faded hues and rounded edges.


  • Keeps you comfortable and cool – If you like working on your driveway, you will find that travertine absorbs and projects less heat unlike concrete, which can make you feel uncomfortable.