Flooring is one of the elements you must consider in a room. Travertine tiles are perfect because they offer an elegant and sophisticated look and feel to your house while adding a touch of nature to it. They come in many different styles, finishes, and colors, and if you want a bolder look, there are the French pattern travertine tiles, which will work for any interior design or theme, including contemporary, rustic, and traditional. This style of travertine flooring is composed of four different sizes of tiles that come in two bundles of 12 pieces per set, which covers 16 sq. Ft. of the area. Reputable suppliers of natural stone flooring offer sets with four pieces of 16” x 16” and 8” x 8”, and two pieces of 16” x 24” and 8” x 16”.


The durability and timelessness of travertine are proven time and again by civilizations that used it for building material and flooring for centuries. It adorned their majestic mansions and palaces, strengthened their monuments, and made their buildings extravagant. Many of those structures are still standing today, including the Roman Colosseum, proving that French pattern travertine tiles should last for generations and will require minimal maintenance on your part. Just be sure to get premium grade natural stone flooring from an established supplier that imports their products directly from top sellers and quarries in Europe, Asia, and Turkey.


French pattern travertine tiles come in polished, sheen, and matte finishes that can improve the value of your home. Their natural, unique beauty will easily elevate the appeal of any room in your house, like the bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, and dining areas. The tiles can be installed to create different designs to match the interiors of a room, and they effectively accentuate space and light to give more character to the area. Reputable suppliers can provide you with free samples of the tiles you want, so you can determine exactly how they look and feel in the room where you want them.