One of the most versatile natural stones used in home-building is travertine. Because it is a natural stone, you can expect each tile or paver to have a distinct natural travertine pattern that will make your home look unique and even add some character to it. Travertine tiles and pavers can be found in a lot of various styles, colors, and patterns, usually in four different finishes to provide a wider range of options. Whether you are looking for tiles or pavers for indoor or outdoor application, you’re sure to find ones that will meet your preferences.

Travertine tiles come in four finishes – polished, tumbled, honed and filled, and brushed and chiseled. Meanwhile, the pavers come in either a tumbled or chiseled finish. These tiles and pavers can help you make your home more stylish and beautiful. Here are a couple of travertine pattern design ideas to embellish your space:


1.Use pavers for your patio.

Because travertine is porous by nature, it is able to provide your patio a non-slip surface. This translates to better grip for your feet and a reduced risk of slipping, even when the floor is wet. The travertine pavers’ natural colors blend seamlessly with your home’s natural surroundings, and are most ideal if your backyard is grassy. The best travertine pavers for patio have a standard thickness of 1 ¼ inches, and come in a brushed and chiseled finish.

2.Go for French pattern travertine tiles for indoor spaces.

Using these tiles indoors can increase the value of your property. They come in matte, polished, and sheen finishes, and are capable of making the interiors of your home look more classy and sophisticated. French pattern travertine tiles can be used in different rooms in your home, from the living room to bedroom, and even the kitchen and dining room. With these tiles, you can create all sorts of designs – from modern and contemporary to rustic and traditional.


3.Enhance outdoor areas with French pattern pavers.

French pattern pavers are meant for outdoor use.  Installing them in your outdoor living areas can make these areas look elegant and luxurious. When looking for French pattern pavers, make sure to get them from a reputable natural stone supplier that can provide them in various sizes to help you create a bold design.