Whether you are changing or upgrading your floor, you can almost never go wrong with choosing travertine tiles if you want a versatile flooring that can match your style, regardless of your budget. Travertine tiles can be cost-effective in the long run, too. In fact, they are among the most durable natural stone options that can last for generations. Many structures from the time of Ancient Rome—like the Roman Colosseum—are living proofs of travertine’s durability, toughness, and elegant appearance. Hence, you can be sure that the tiles can add value to your property, too.

Travertine tiles come in different colors and textures, all of which are formed naturally and designed by nature. Travertine is a sedimentary limestone that is deposited on hot springs. The best suppliers of premium grade travertine sources directly from top quarries and sellers in Turkey, as well as in Asia and Europe to bring a wide variety of tiles to you at a fraction of the cost. The tiles can match any interior design or color scheme, so you should be able to find the right color, pattern, or finish to accent your home. Likewise, you can create a bold and unique look with these tiles, too.

Established suppliers of natural stone tiles offer travertine tiles in four different finishes. Polished travertine tiles resemble the shine and timeless beauty of marble and its ability to make your home look exclusive like those mega mansions and palatial properties. Honed and filled  popular travertine flooring lets you achieve an elegant look without the glossy finish, which may be unappealing in some applications.

Brushed and chiseled travertine tiles have slight indentations that are natural in the stone, and their slight texture is the result of being mechanically brushed. The chiseled edges provide a dramatic transition from one tile to another, making the tiles a good option if you want to steer clear of straight edge flooring. Travertine tiles with a tumbled finish are recommended for interior designs that require a more natural looking flooring. The natural characteristics of the stone are maintained, so the tiles provide added grip to prevent accidents.