Marble is easily the best choice when it comes to elegant and sophisticated flooring. Marble flooring comes in many different types and styles, and being made from natural stone, no tile will look exactly like another. This way, you can easily achieve a one-of-a-kind and bold look, regardless of the application. However, the selection process can become overwhelming and may lead you to wonder which type of tile is best for your needs. Knowing what you plan to do with the tile can help, as the type of marble stone can be selected according to your application. Hence, start by identifying your applications and the type of foot traffic a particular room will receive. The type of finish matters, too, as it can help you determine which tile is best for every application.

Marble flooring is typically polished or honed, and these styles are commonly found in living rooms, bedrooms, and common areas of the home. A polished finish is characterized by the high gloss that easily adds opulence and grandeur to the application. Honed marble floors have a matte look that can make an area look elegant without the glossy shine. However, you can find other types of marble stone in a different finish for other applications. Reputable suppliers carry marble tiles in tumbled and brushed finishes, too, so you can have more options when it comes to flooring for areas like the kitchen, bathroom, foyer, and dining room.

Brushed marble flooring has slight indentations that maintain the stone’s natural characteristics while ensuring a natural finish. Each tile is brushed mechanically to achieve a slight texture, and the edges provide a dramatic transition that is unlike typical straight edge flooring. This way, the floor creates a rustic and old-world look to your room. Tumbled marble tiles are textured, too, making them ideal for high foot traffic areas, like the kitchen. The tumbled texture provides extra grip for the feet to prevent slipping. They are ideal for bathrooms, too, as long as they are properly sealed.